Family portraits – how it all works…

I love capturing your families Rock ‘n’ Roll Babies style.

They make great presents or keepsakes and seeing yourself envisaged as an illustration is pretty exciting.

My first one was of me and family, but since then I’ve drawn many families, some including pets, camper vans or even their favourite musicians. Your imagination is the only limitation! I will draw anything!

So how does it work?

  • Provide me with photos. These can be groups shots or individual pictures of people. I’ll also need an indication of heights and if there is anything in particular you’d like them to wear.
  • I will do a pencil sketch of the family and send it back to you to proof. This is the stage you can make any changes you’d like. I’m happy to make up to three lots of changes as part of the price.
  • Once you are happy with the design I outline it in pen. It can’t be altered after this stage.
  • The image is scanned into the computer and I’ll colour it in using illustrator.
  • You will get chance to review the illustration in colour before it is approved for print. At this point it isn’t possible to change the illustration but you may change the colours used.
  • Now your design is ready to print!

Family portraits - work in progressPrices:

If you buy direct from my website by emailing me or by direct messaging on social, the prices are as follows:

  • Illustration only (digital) £60
  • Illustration printed £65
  • Illustration framed £75

I can also print the illustration on greeting cards etc but the standard price of £60 for the initial drawing will still be applied before the additional print cost of the card.


My A to Z of Music is a feature on national radio

One of the things I’ve enjoyed since beginning to draw my little characters is seeing the reactions they get from people seeing them for the first time.

Many times people look through the bands I’ve created with a little chuckle at the depiction of their favourite lead singer as a cute and smiling drawing.  I heard one girl, visiting a market I displayed at, say they were like “PG versions of bands”, probably a nod to the cute Iggy Pop or the smiling Gallagher brothers.

A collection of bands

I’ve also enjoyed giving the A to Z of Music posters to friends and family as gifts for their new babies, which is what inspired me to send Elis James of Radio X a poster for his new baby. We listened (past tense only because they have since moved to BBC 5 Live) to Elis and John’s show each Saturday and I thought as a music lover he might like one for his new addition to the family.

Baby and the A-Z of Music poster

It turned out that the poster inspired a whole feature on the A-Z of Music, which you can listen to here: Elis and John Podcast (Episode 261 – Medium Testosterone, Feeds & The A-Z of Music)

I was really chuffed and pleased it went down so well. It was exciting that something I’d created had sparked debate on national radio! It made me smile a lot and has been one of the highlights in terms of feedback I’ve had since beginning this journey.

So here’s a big thank you to everyone who has laughed, pointed, purchased and requested new bands for my collection!

One idea, one business, one baby!

I’m writing this while I watch the Wedding Singer for the millionth time. I love this film! How can you not love a film with a montage (including shopping and cake) to You Make My Dreams Come True and a Billy Idol cameo? I’m not sure why I put it on, it’s really distracting!

Anyway, back to the blog!… I started drawing cartoons of bands to create an A-Z of Music ready for the arrival of my baby. That was now nearly a year ago and I can’t believe how time has sped by. It’s a bit of a cliché but I can understand why so many people say it.

In between looking after my bundle of joy (who at 11 months is now a little bag of energy) and the delights of him learning to roll, crawl, wave and clap, I set up Rock ‘n’ Roll Babies.

Baby and the A-Z of Music poster
Baby and the A-Z of Music poster

By Christmas 2018 I was nearly ready to roll, having completed a to do list that included setting up a website, social media, designing a logo and organising print. I knew January would be a bad time to kick things off so I’ve let things develop slowly, selling to friends and family and building up new ideas for characters and products.

Just one of my lists
Just one of my lists

I also undertook my first craft market, which was a bit of a rollercoaster. Highs of my first sale and positive comments from market goers and other traders. Lows of returning home with most of the stock and wind that made me want to throw the towel in – a big thanks must go to my co-star and seasoned market pro for the day Sarah (Clay on Words) who chilled me the hell out and reorganised the stall to make it a bit more wind proof! Then more highs of a creating a successful competition, a very happy winner and my first commission.

Me at the Market
Me at the Market

With just over two months before I return to work my thoughts have turned to the people I’ve spent time with during my year off. I decided to thank them by paying homage Rock ‘n’ Roll Babies style and I set about creating cartoons of the lovely ladies who run Bloom Baby Classes, Susie my wonderful postnatal pilates teacher and new friend who organises the best parties (where you can dance all night), and the amazing consultant and team at the hospital who have helped me recover from the trauma of birth (no more details needed!!).

New portraits
The Bloom team
Pilates portrait
Super pilates portrait

I’ve still got baby to look after and the prospect of going back to work but I’m loving this chapter of life!

It all started when…

It all started with a book for my baby…

I love music, especially the buzz of a gig or festival and when you hear a new song that you can’t stop playing on repeat (I’m thinking ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ by Arctic Monkeys and ‘Pretender’ by Foo Fighters – both big favourites of mine).

We’re a family of music enthusiasts with a wide ranging taste in the tunes department but in particular my genre of choice is Rock and Indie.

Me and Dan at Kendal Calling
Me and Dan at Kendal Calling

When our baby was due I decided to begin his musical knowledge with an alphabet book of a collection of our favourite bands.  I loved drawing all the little characters and my friends seems to like the idea too.

My baby with his A-Z book
My baby with his A-Z book

The book was printed using Photobox (not the cheapest way to do it but at this point it was a one off gift) and with the help of a work colleague I also produced some posters and gave them to a few friends.

Baby, brushing up on his knowledge
Baby brushing up on his knowledge

The response was great and the more people that saw it the more requests I received. This is when Rock ‘n’ Roll Babies was born (pardon the pun!).

I figured out a way to make names and bespoke pieces as well as the full alphabet poster, which I amended to include more Manchester bands.

I’ve so many ideas and love creating designs that people like and will also bring a little musical education to the small people in our lives.

A-Z of Music book
A-Z of Music book

As a final note I’d like to thank the friends who have helped me get off the ground with this idea, Katrina Gallagher (Digitangle), Louisa Grant (Graphic Designer), Nick Ogden (Graphics), Dave Scott (Chapel Press) and Tony Gallagher (Lazy Dasies Picture Framers). Also a thanks to Sarah Lyons (Clay on Words) and Daniel Rankine (hubby and number 1 fan) for encouraging me to start this journey!